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    Many Consultants Advise; Very Few Are Willing To Do The Hands-On Work To Get A Project Live

    With 40+ years of combined experience in digital and physical retail, entertainment/sports, and media, the NextRivet team has seen the good, the bad, and ugly of technology innovation.

    Our combined experience at Westfield Labs, early-stage startups, and the Golden State Warriors gives us unique insight into the technology that’s being adopted across malls, retailers, stadiums, and airports. Headquartered in Silicon Valley, we have direct access to some of the premier PropTech startups and established players.


    We won’t disappear into a silo and produce an analyst report with no actionable next steps.


    By partnering with your existing team and adapting to become additive to your existing skill sets and resources, we help you fast-track your projects and get them to the finish line, all with an eye towards making things scalable and profitable long term.

    Project Based
    Short term project with a defined time period


    • Deliver a specific project where expertise is needed
    • Assist with a project where resources are needed to launch, but is meant to be delivered into the core organization after launch


    • Technology sourcing and deep dive
    • Develop and manage a Proof of Concept (POC) or Pilot program
    Long Term
    Become an integrated part of your team:


    • Similar to a retainer, use NextRivet to to fill resource or knowledge gaps
    • Produce ongoing deliverables for projects and programs
    • Utilize expertise and experience for ad hoc technology projects


    • Monthly Horizon Scan (Comprehensive view of fast-moving trends, technologies and solutions or innovations in a specific vertical/area of interest)
    • Manage a program post implementation and launch

    How We Work

    We act as your guide from start to finish, going as in-depth as you need for each individual project
    • Develop and Align On The Brief
    • Source Technology Partners
    • Manage the Project to Launch

    Develop and Align On The Brief

    • Assist in initial brainstorming phase to distill different ideas into realistic, actionable near-term plans
    • Help to define clear value propositions that shape product positioning, packaging and pricing (if applicable)
    • Establish project timelines and budget requirements to execute properly
    • Develop KPIs in order to provide tangible measures of success

    Source Technology Partners

    • Develop market overviews and short lists of potential partners
    • Meet with and vet partners to determine best fit
    • Run a formal RFP processes to ensure accurate comparisons on features and price
    • Negotiate contracts in coordination with client legal or NextRivet provided outside counsel (at client’s option)

    Manage the Project to Launch

    • Manage project implementation from contract signing to launch with key internal and external stakeholders
    • Provide scalable programs and training processes to educate and incrementally launch the solution and ensure a successful transition to your team
    • Supply a team (at client’s option) to manage programs post-launch

    Reasons NOT To Hire Us

    David Blumenfeld and Kyle Spencer
    If you don’t want to laugh while you work, don’t hire us.
    If you want a couple of Ivy League MBAs with no real operating experience, don’t hire us.
    If you want a 200-page powerpoint with no action items, don’t hire us.
    If you want consultants with no experience in real estate and technology, don’t hire us.

    Founding Partners

    David Blumenfeld

    David has 20+ years of experience as a Business Development, Sales and Marketing executive. Before co-founding NextRivet, David led Business Development for OneMarket, a retail tech spinoff of Westfield Malls.


    Prior to OneMarket, he led Business Development at Westfield Labs, the shopping center industry’s first global Proptech division, focused on bringing new digital technologies into Westfield’s physical environments in the US, UK and Australia. David was responsible for Labs’ strategic partnerships and investments with startups and fortune 500 companies.

    Prior to Westfield, he was SVP of Strategy & Business Development at NinthDecimal, a location-based mobile marketing platform, and also previously worked for CNET Networks (acquired by CBS Interactive) and for the Anderson & Lembke Advertising agency on behalf of major technology clients.

    Kyle Spencer

    Kyle is an accomplished executive with roles and experience in Customer Success and Marketing within established corporate environments, as well as startups at the intersection of physical and digital.


    Kyle led the Customer Success, Onboarding and Support teams for OneMarket, a retail tech spinoff of Westfield Malls, and was responsible for managing and launching all programs with their customers and partners. Prior to OneMarket, he founded the Product Marketing and Services group for Westfield Labs, the shopping center industry’s first global Proptech division, where he established the product launch process for Westfeld’s innovation pilots in the US, UK and Australia with an inclusive, cross-functional and repeatable program.


    He also previously led the marketing group for the NBA Golden State Warriors, earning two nationally acclaimed awards and was recognized as an industry leader and instrumental in leading the Warriors expansion into social media and mobile.

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