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    12 Mar
    • Press
    Proptech and the New Shopping Mall

    Proptech is in the toolbox of brick-and-mortar retailers as they draw customers back

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    24 Nov
    • Press
    Shaping tomorrow’s shopping: how mall owners are crafting the future of retail

    David Blumenfeld of NextRivet explores how mall owners are not just adapting but actively shaping the retail experience in this...

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    31 Oct
    • Press
    Holiday Shopping Season Highlights Proptech’s Bigger Role in Retail

    What role is proptech playing for retail property owners heading into the holidays? NextRivet discusses how property owners can better...

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    30 Aug
    • Press
    A Necessity For Commercial Real Estate Owners

    As customers' expectations evolve with the adoption of AI-powered services, those who fail to integrate these solutions may struggle to...

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    9 Aug
    • Press
    The Crucial Piece of the ‘Mixed Used’ Mall that No One’s Talking About: Logistics and Fulfillment

    NextRivet was featured in this article in Retail Touchpoints focussed on the evolution of mall-based fulfillment.

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    9 Jun
    • Press
    iProperty Radio Interview

    NextRivet spoke to Carol Tallon about how to find the right balance between physical and digital in real estate innovation....

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